The NFX Podcast

Good vs. Great Companies: The Unseen Truths of Breakout Success with James Currier & Selina Tobaccowala

Episode Summary

NFX partner James Currier talks with Selina Tobaccowala - co-founder of Evite, CTO and President of SurveyMonkey, and cofounder of the fitness app Gixo. It’s rare to get a candid view into what happens behind the scenes of companies that break out from the pack - and the hard decisions that lead to their success. In this episode, James and Selina talk about: - Knowing when and how to sell your company - The difference between selling Evite vs. selling Gixo - Why to build strategic relationships as early as possible - How to upfront the hard conversations - How to build and measure product virality - & more great advice for early-stage Founders Read the full essay here -