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The Founders' List: Ashley Mayer on "It’s Okay That Your Startup Doesn’t Have a Communications Strategy"

Episode Summary

This is The Founders' List - audio versions of essays from technology’s most important leaders, selected by the founder community. Ashley Mayer is the Senior Director of Communications at the beauty company, Glossier. She is also an active startup investor (angel and scout). Ashley previously ran all things Marketing at Social Capital from 2015-2018, where she worked with founders spanning healthcare, aerospace, climate, fintech, enterprise and education.  In this audio essay, Ashley demystifies what goes into building communications strategies from the bottom-up, and why tactics are your friends. "Don’t trust that others will take the time to understand the gravity of your news. Figure out how to signal its importance and timeliness, and let that effort take you in new and exciting directions." Follow her on Twitter: Follow her on Medium: