The NFX Podcast

Austen Allred (Co-Founder of Lambda School) & James Currier (NFX) on The New American Dream

Episode Summary

The new American dream is underway. The current US educational industrial complex is not serving young people anymore, and entrepreneurs outside the system are creating new alternatives. Austen Allred, Co-Founder/CEO of Lambda School earned this perspective by dropping out of college, setting his own path, and now building a successful company and movement to change education in our country. Austen sees our educational past, present, and future in ways few others do. In this conversation, James Currier (NFX) and Austen break down traditional and contrarian thinking on how we are educated, challenging what has gone unquestioned for decades: - The Psychology of Traditional College: Why “Normal is a hell of a drug” - Faulty Mechanics: The problem with America’s “Single Model” education system - The New American Dream: How “permissionless learning” unlocks opportunity - & 2 Trends to Watch Read the NFX Essay here -